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It was great to see Quality Assurance professionals from both the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industry interact and network with each other at our 2018 Symposium, which was held in Sydney on the 6th and 7th of September. 

Our premier event is an opportunity for Quality Assurance professionals in our sector to get together under the one roof, and to that extent we have achieved what we set out to do.

We were humbled to receive fantastic feedback from delegates, including this, from one of the regulators in the crowd:

“It is heartening to hear the emphasis on investing and keeping Quality Management System (QMS) activities active, and the importance of gatherings like this to pass the right information to the parties who need to hear them” *

*Please note this is the view of an individual and not the views of a regulatory authority

At a higher level, we are passionate about Quality management as the work we and our customers do, helps ensure that pharmaceuticals and medical devices are safe, effective and of acceptable quality. However no matter how passionate we all are, there are a considerable amount of issues assuring quality in the industry:

“The rise in the number of quality incidents can be explained by steadily increasing product volumes—up by 6 percent per year in the past decade alone. The risk of errors has also risen with the increasing complexity of the pharma supply chain (for example, the number of SKUs on an average packaging line is increasing by 8 to 10 percent every year) and with the fragmentation of the market—from more industry players to more nodes on the supply chain. Moreover, new product introductions are more complicated, featuring everything from advanced coating materials to drug-device combinations to far more diverse patterns of usage by patients."                               -  McKinsey & Co

By virtue of the work that we do, and having been around for close to 30 years, we are now connected to over 2000 organisations involved in the supply chain of pharmaceuticals and/or medical devices in the Asia-Pacific region.

Quality Management issues in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industry are at the heart of the problems we solve here at SeerPharma. Our tagline is “Confidence in Compliance” but to achieve this, companies must practice Total Quality Management.

As for our next Symposium in 2019, we’ll follow a similar format tackling concerns that Quality Assurance professionals face, and having held it now in Melbourne, Singapore and Sydney, it's time to bring this event                to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – further cementing our reputation as Asia-Pacific’s Leader in Quality Assurance and GMP compliance.